Enjoy The Benefits Of The Different Gummy Smile Treatments

Improve your smile with these seven gummy smile treatment. Did you know that the second thing that people notice about you, after your eyes, is your smile?

Are you conscious of how much gum tissue shows above your top teeth when you smile? Dentists call this condition as an excessive gingival display or a gummy smile. This is more common among women than men.  Patients sometimes feel that this makes them less attractive, causing them to lose confidence during social activities.

Good news! This situation is fixable at Markham Dental Clinic. The type of treatment will depend on what is causing your gummy smile. With that straightened out, you are now on the way to a beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

What causes a gummy smile?

Before proceeding with the gummy smile treatment, let us understand what causes it.

  • The abnormal eruption of your permanent teeth. Your teeth may have the proper length but might appear short because it has not erupted properly.
  • Your muscle, controlling upper lip movement is hyperactive. This causes your upper lip to rise up higher than usual, exposing more gum tissue when you smile. However, when the face is resting, it is normal in length.
  • How your upper jaw bone grew and developed could contribute to a gummy smile.
  • Genetics can cause small teeth compared to the gums.
  • A gingival disease can cause long or enlarged gums. This is known as gingival hypertrophy.

Gummy smile treatment methods

  • A gummy smile caused by the jaws or teeth is fixable through orthodontics.
    Orthodontics is a specific area of dentistry that treats irregularities in the jaws and teeth.  Examples of irregularities are alignment and occlusion. The treatment of gummy smile can include the temporary use of metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners.
  • For severe jaw problems, your dentist at Markham Dental Clinic might advise orthognathic or jaw surgery. This is done in combination with orthodontic treatment.
    This surgery corrects your jaw by straightening and realigning it, correcting deformities. You will be under general anesthesia during this procedure and confined in a hospital. Recovery from jaw surgery is fast and the results are amazing.
  • Lip repositioning surgery along with orthodontic treatment is an alternative to jaw surgery that you can consider.
  • Through the help of veneers or dental crowns, your teeth can appear longer.
  • Gingivectomy is a procedure that addresses the issue of too much gum tissue. This removes extra gum tissues and reshapes it so that it shows more teeth.
  • Laser gum contouring is a gummy smile treatment for minor cases of gummy smiles. This removes extra gum tissues that cover the teeth. You can complete this in one day.
  • In cases where the teeth have not fully erupted, the dentist does crown-lengthening surgery. This does not only removes gum tissue but also bones to expose more of the teeth.

We were all made different and unique. This means that we have unique smiles that we should be proud of! Smiling improves your mood, and help builds better relationships. It doesn’t only benefit you but others as well. You can help lift the mood of others with just one simple smile. If you are conscious of how your smile looks, Markham Dental Clinic has you covered.

A Guide To Dental Veneers: Everything You Need To Know

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells from materials that are the same color as your teeth.  They are also known as porcelain veneers. Veneers can come from resin composite materials or porcelain. They are a less intrusive option than dental crowns or metal braces. Patients choose veneers to straighten their teeth, to improve their smile.

Porcelain veneers are more stain resistant than resin ones. Discuss with your dentist in Markham the suitable choice of veneer material for your needs.

What problems do dental veneers solve?

  • Teeth suffering from discoloration. This can be due to other drugs, or excessive fluoride.
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Misaligned or uneven teeth
  • Gaps between teeth or diastema

Getting dental veneers: the procedure

Getting a veneer requires more than one dental visit. The first one is for consultation, the next ones will be for the placing of the dental veneers on your teeth.

  1. The first part is the diagnosis stage. This is where you will consult your dentist about the outcome that you want your teeth to have. During this time, your dentist will take a look at your teeth. He will make sure that dental veneers are suitable for your needs then he will take X-rays of your teeth. Your dentist will also discuss what the procedure involves. If you proceed with the procedure of getting veneers, he will take impressions of your mouth and teeth.
  2. In preparation for veneers, your dentist will remove half a millimeter of your teeth’s enamel. You will be under a local anesthesia to numb the area while your dentist work. The dental laboratory will receive the models or impressions of your teeth. It takes about two to four weeks before your dentist in Markham receives your veneers from the laboratory. Your teeth will receive temporary veneers while you wait for the permanent ones. 
  3. Your dental veneer is permanently cemented on your teeth on the next appointment.

Before bonding, your dentist will temporarily place it on top of your teeth. This is to examine if the color matches the other teeth and if it fits you well. He will then trim and shape the veneer to achieve the desired result.

The dentist will clean and polish your teeth. It is important to rough it to strengthen the bonding process. He will apply cement on the dental veneers and then he will place it on your teeth. A special light hardens the cement on your veneers. After this is removable of excess cement, and bite evaluation.

You will come back to your dentist after a few weeks for a follow-up checkup.

Things to consider with dental veneers:

  • Their natural appearance blends easily with the other teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers resist stains.
  • They offer an approach that doesn’t need an extensive removable of the teeth structure like dental crowns does.
  • This is an irreversible process. This means that after removable of your enamel, you will need to maintain your veneers to protect your teeth.

  • Do not bite your nails or chew on pencils, ice, or other hard objects to avoid damage on your veneers.
  • If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, then you need to consult this first with your dentist. These activities can damage or crack the veneers.

How long do dental veneers last?

Dental veneers can last up to ten years with proper care and maintenance. Follow your regular oral hygiene everyday faithfully. If veneers interest you then schedule a consultation with your dentist in Markham to know whether they are suitable for your needs.

What Is The Teeth Gap Treatment Cost In Markham?

Before you overthink anything about the teeth gap treatment cost, you have to understand that there are three ways to fix gaps. Each method costs differently.

Diastema is the name that describes a situation where your teeth have gaps or spaces between them. These spaces happen anywhere in the mouth. Gaps between the two upper front teeth are the most common and noticeable. There are remedies to this situation with the aid of your Markham dentist.

Both children and adults can have this. If kids have them at a young age, it is likely to disappear as soon as their permanent teeth erupt. Gaps can pose a cosmetic problem for some people. They tend to be teased about it, making them self-conscious about their appearance.

What can cause teeth gaps?

Before we get to the teeth gap treatment cost, let us consider several factors that cause diastema.

  • Gaps sometimes form when the jawbone is too large for the teeth’s size. The teeth will be too far apart from each other. Genetics determine the teeth’s size and jawbone.
  • Bad habits, like thumb sucking, can trigger teeth gaps. The motion of sucking puts pressure on the front teeth. The pressure pulls the front teeth forward.
  • Tongue thrust, or pushing your tongue against your front teeth can cause diastema. Pressure on the front teeth can cause it to move.
  • Tooth loss because of gum disease or other reasons can cause the remaining teeth to shift in position. This is to make up for the gap between them.

Three methods to fix diastema and the teeth gap treatment cost of each


Porcelain veneers help fix gaps in your front teeth. This type of procedure is under cosmetic dentistry.

Dental veneers are thin pieces of custom-made shells. They cover the front surface of the teeth, improving its appearance. Veneers are sturdy and hard to break. Your Markham dentist bonds them to the teeth to cover its imperfections, changing its size, shape, and length.

In placing veneers, removal of enamel is necessary. If you choose veneers, you will need to stick with it, to protect your teeth.

Veneers cost no more than $3500 CAD. This can still go down with dental insurance.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a quick and easy procedure to fix teeth gaps. Your dentist will use a tooth-colored resin material that he will bond to the teeth to close gaps. You can complete this in one dental visit. Unlike veneers, removal of teeth enamel is not necessary. This is also the least expensive option.

With good care and maintenance, your dental bond can last for years.

The average teeth gap treatment cost with dental bonding is $840 CAD.


Severe cases of diastema would need the knowledge of an orthodontic dentist. Orthodontia or orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with teeth and jaws that are in the wrong position. This method will take longer than one dental visit. However, the result will be worth it because not only will your teeth be healthier, your smile will also improve.

Simply moving your two front teeth will create gaps on other parts. Braces are advisable for all your teeth to straighten.

Metal braces can cost you between $4020 – 9365 CAD

If you do not want traditional braces, you can talk to your dentist about your other options. You can choose Invisalign clear aligners which are removable and less noticeable.

The cost of Invisalign can range between $3,000 CA to $8,000 CAD.
Consult with your Markham dentist for the best treatment option concerning gaps in your teeth. Remember that each situation differs from another. He will need to take a look at your teeth first before you can both settle on a solution.

What Should You Know About Dental Sealants For Adults?

Dental sealants for adults are plastic material coatings applied on the chewing surface of the patient’s teeth. Dentists usually apply them to the molars and premolars. They act as the teeth’s shield against bacteria and food particles. The teeth’s chewing surfaces have dental pits and fissures that go deep into the teeth. Sealants prevent bacterial infection inside these parts.

Teens and children whose permanent teeth have erupted are usually the ones who receive dental sealants.  However, according to the best dentist in Markham, adults can also benefit from sealants too.

What are the benefits of dental sealants for adults?

They prevent food from getting stuck inside the teeth. Molars have grooved surfaces so that they can grind down food. Food particles can get stuck between molars which cause cavities if not removed. Dental sealants bond into the grooves of the molars to act as shield over the enamel of the teeth.

Dental sealants for adults can last up to ten years. Regular dental check-ups ensure that they are not worn away. Your dentist can repair them by adding more sealant material.  

Patients who have infected teeth due to cavities could feel discomfort when cavities are not removed. The best dentist in Markham removes cavities and applies sealants in one quick and painless procedure.

How are dental sealants for adults placed?

Drilling on any part of the natural teeth is not necessary when applying sealants. The dentist coats the teeth with a gel and then the sealant material. He will then use a dental curing light to harden the dental sealants for adults in place.

Anyone could experience tooth decay because of bacteria build up. Dentists make use of sealants to help patients fight cavities. The best dentist in Markham performs this short procedure to help patients achieve good dental health for life.