Why People Fall In Love With Dental Implants Markham

What could be more beautiful than a perfect smile? For many people, dental implants are the best way to achieve this. Dental implants not only look natural, but they also feel like your own teeth. In this blog post, you will know the reasons why people love dental implants in Markham and how they can help achieve your desired smile. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Missing teeth can cause several problems, from difficulty chewing and speaking to shifting of the remaining teeth. Although implants are the way to replace missing teeth, they also offer other advantages. 

1. They are durable and low maintenance.

As long as you follow an oral care routine and improve your dental habits, your implants can last for several years. 

2. They can improve your oral health.

Dental implants are one of the most popular and effective methods of replacing missing teeth. Moreover, it can improve oral health by restoring the function and aesthetics of the smile. 

3. They improve your speech.

Because dental implants are permanent, they won’t slip away unlike dentures which can affect the way you speak. It provides a stable foundation for teeth replacement which provides speech clarity. 

4. They make eating easier.

Since they are like natural teeth, they can improve your eating habits. They will allow you to eat all your favourite foods without worrying about them getting stuck in your teeth. Moreover, since it is permanent, chewing will become more natural and easier.  

How the dentist performs the procedure?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. How a dentist performs a dental implants procedure may vary from one office to another, but the basics of the treatment stay pretty much the same. 

1. Initial evaluation

It is important to have a comprehensive examination to help evaluate the condition of the jawbone. During the evaluation, the dentist will capture the impressions of your teeth to match the colour of your implants to your natural teeth. Aside from getting the impressions of your teeth, they will also conduct dental x-rays to know how many teeth need replacement. 

2. Tooth extraction

During dental implant surgery, your dentist will remove any remaining teeth that need to be replaced. For you to not feel any pain during extraction, they will use local anesthesia. Extraction will be completed in a short time unless the tooth is injured. 

3. Inserting the implant and bone grafting

For the implants procedure to be successful, your jaw needs to be strong. If in case your jaw needs an additional bone, your dentist will perform bone grafting. They will first let your bone heal before they will place the implant. As soon as your implant is added to the jawbone, it will grow and become part of your gum line. The healing process varies from one person to another but usually, it will take 3 months to 9 months.

4. Abutment placement

Once the implant is stable, your dentist will place a piece that will connect to your crown. This piece is called an abutment. The dentist will make sure that it is tight so it firmly stays when you eat. 

5. Adding the crown

You will receive an artificial tooth or crown once your gums have healed. Your dentist will give you an option if you want a removable implant or a permanent one. In this case, you can ask your dentist what is suitable for your teeth’ condition. 

What to expect after your surgery?

After you have the surgery, there are some things that you can expect. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful recovery. 

  • Recovery time may vary depending on the individual, but many people find that they can return to work within a week. 
  • There may be some swelling and bruising after but it will go away within a few days.
  • Practice good oral care habits.
  • Follow the instructions of your dentist and visit them regularly. 

Restore your smile

You deserve to be able to smile with confidence. Schedule an appointment today with your Markham dentist and they will help you find the best dental implants for your budget and personal needs.