Ceramic Braces: The Invisible Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teeth

Having straight teeth is a confidence booster allows you to flaunt your smile. Whether it’s a meeting, a party, or any other festivity, a gleaming smile makes you look beautiful. However, not everyone is fortunate to have genetically straight teeth.

People with chipped, misaligned, overcrowded, or overlapped teeth often lose their confidence. They become conscious of their appearance, and some don’t even smile. Yet, with ceramic braces, you need not hide your smile anymore. Rather, braces with ceramic and porcelain brackets let you wear your smile with full confidence.

The big decision: Choosing the perfect braces

Misaligned teeth not only make you uncomfortable, but they also signal potential orthodontic problems. Perhaps, you are also dealing with crooked teeth, jaw bite, or overbite. It’s natural to look for every possible solution to get flawlessly straight teeth.

However, the wide range of orthodontic treatments may overwhelm you. It might become difficult to choose the best treatment. Braces are still the best solution for misaligned teeth despite the popularity of some recent orthodontic treatments, such as caps or crowns and cosmetic teeth surgery.

It’s important to be aware of all the available orthodontic appliances to make the right choice. For years, dentists have recommended traditional and metal braces. But, today, you’ll find more comfortable and less visible braces, such as porcelain braces, which are also called white or clear braces.

        Traditional braces

Traditional or metal braces have metallic brackets, wires, and elastic bands. The essential components exert pressure on the misaligned teeth and keep them placed in the right position. The dentist fixes the metal bracket to the teeth’s surface with the help of orthodontic elastics. However, they are the most noticeable braces.


Unlike metal braces, Invisalign or invisible aligners doesn’t use wires and brackets, making them more appealing aesthetically. Invisalign uses clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth. You get a new set of aligners every 15 days, and the dentist moves only a few teeth with each set.

        Incognito sublingual braces

You have likely browsed search engines in incognito mode (to hide your identity) several times. Incognito braces or sublingual braces are similar to incognito browsing mode – they are hiding. Dentists fix these braces behind the teeth. Sublingual braces may cause speech impairment for some time.

Ceramic braces: A comfortable solution for crooked teeth

According to the Canadian Dental Association, today’s braces are small and invisible compared to traditional braces. Clear braces are invisible braces that let you flaunt your smile without any uncalled attention. Braces made from ceramic and porcelain are less noticeable, which makes them an amazing alternative to traditional braces. 

These braces have a similar shape and size as their metal counterparts, and they usually come with white archwires. Plus, the archwires are also frosted to blend with light-colored braces easily.

Archwires connect the ceramic brackets and apply pressure on the teeth to straighten them. Clear braces have bands or ligatures that are attached to the bracket’s hook. The elastic bands hold wires to the brackets to correct the teeth and jaw position.

Why should ceramic braces be your go-to option?

Here are some reasons why ceramic braces should be your go-to options.

  •         Less noticeable

The novelty of ceramic orthodontic braces is their invisibility. You may not be able to hide porcelain braces completely, but they are less noticeable when compared to other braces. White braces not only help with teeth alignment but also help you attain a beautiful smile.

  •       Small brackets

Compared to traditional braces, clear braces have small-sized brackets.  This makes the braces less visible and reduces the risk of irritant gums, pain, or discomfort.

  •         They work faster

Ceramic or enamel-colored braces take 18 to 36 months to straighten your teeth. Plus, porcelain braces help with severe teeth misalignment cases. If you’re not comfortable with fixed braces, you may opt for removable Invisalign clear aligners.

  •         Variety of colors

Clear braces give you the liberty to choose any color orthodontic band. You can even pick any of your favorite holiday hues, such as red, green, or yellow. Plus, you can select the same color wire for your braces as that of your teeth.

  •         Flexible payment plans

The treatment for the entire mouth may cost you anywhere between $3500 and $8000. However, the best thing is many dental offices offer payment plans so you won’t have to delay your treatment. Get your perfect smile back in a short span with porcelain braces.

Clear braces – a preventive treatment

Wearing braces help you get perfectly shaped teeth with a beautiful grin. While clear braces help you achieve both, they have more to offer besides cosmetic benefits. In case you don’t know, white braces prevent several long-term oral health problems.

Poor oral hygiene habits are the leading causes of gingivitis, tooth discoloration, tooth decay, and potential tooth loss. Misaligned teeth and jaw disorders affect the wear of your teeth, thereby affecting your chewing abilities.

Not to mention, cleaning your teeth becomes a daunting task when you have misaligned teeth. But, with clear braces, you don’t face much trouble when cleaning your teeth. So, you prevent tooth decay and other orthodontic problems.

Aftercare tips for ceramic braces

It is important to take care of your braces for an extended lifespan. While the brackets don’t stain easily, the ligatures become discolored with time. To protect your braces from stain, and maintain a clear appearance, it’s important to follow a healthy oral practice.

Dentists suggest making a few dietary changes when you start your porcelain braces treatment. They recommend consuming soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and fish. Not to mention, soft foods alleviate the discomfort associated with braces.

Also, it’s better to avoid highly pigmented food and drinks as they can leave stains on your braces. For instance, berries and red wine can lead to discoloration of teeth and leave marks on clear braces. Smoking may also stain the ligature.

Final Word

Whether you’re dealing with misaligned teeth or jaw disorders, you have a variety of orthodontic procedures available. Contact your good dentist markham today and ask if these clear braces are the most suitable option for your specific dental needs. 

3 Ways To Get The Most Of Your Ceramic Braces Treatment

Most patients with malocclusion, gapped, and crooked teeth problems want to invest in the right type of braces. Choosing the best type of braces always lead to better smiles and improved confidence. Today, orthodontic treatments are not only limited to the traditional braces. Orthodontists also offer ceramic braces to ensure that patients do away with having a “metal mouth”.

The ceramic dental braces are similar to traditional braces only that the brackets used are made of ceramic materials. Yet, they are as durable and as effective as their metal counterparts. The clear ceramic braces are designed to effectively move the patient’s teeth within a year or two of orthodontic treatment.

Being an orthodontic patient, your full cooperation to the treatment plan of your orthodontist is necessary for a successful treatment. Here are the best ways that you can do to get the most out of your treatment with ceramic braces.

3 ways to maximize your ceramic braces treatment

Be committed to your dental appointments.

Your orthodontist will schedule your dental visits to keep track of your treatment’s progress. He will also change your elastic ties or dental bands to tighten your clear ceramic braces and move your teeth. Make sure that you will include this in your busy schedule so you don’t have to miss this appointment. This will ensure that you will be on track with your treatment.

Always practice excellent oral hygiene.

clear ceramic braces

This is yet another important aspect in your treatment. Always ensure to clean your teeth and gums, especially after meals. As you know, food particles that get stuck in between your ceramic braces lead to plaque formation. In effect, it leads to poor gum health and it prevents the progress of the treatment.

Stop smoking.

Prior to your treatment, your orthodontist must have already explained to you the importance of giving up your smoking habit. This doesn’t go well with your orthodontic treatment as it causes deep stains to your teeth and clear ceramic braces. Ceramic materials are porous, making them more susceptible to stains. More importantly, smoking leads to gum disease which will be a major roadblock in your treatment.

Here Is How You Deal With The Drawback Of Ceramic Braces

Just like any orthodontic appliance, ceramic braces also hold some disadvantages to each of its users. Even though it’s the most suitable treatment for you, don’t least expect for malfunctions and slight issues. You could consider these as key ingredients to the success of the dental procedure. Why? It’s because when issues arise, dentists would improve it for you.

Now, there are several types of teeth braces and it might be hard to choose according to your preference. This is why your orthodontist’s opinion matters the most. Did you opt for clear ceramic braces because it’s unnoticeable? You’re in luck! However, its other features might give you a bit of a hard time. You don’t have to worry as there’s always a fix for everything.

Drawbacks of ceramic braces


Although the material used in ceramic brackets is quite strong, this same advantage leads to the tooth’s damage. Unlike stainless steel brackets that aren’t that abrasive to the tooth, the hard composite material in ceramics is rough. Especially when dentists remove ceramic braces, this tends to scrape off much enamel from the tooth surface.

Fortunately, dentists now use the advanced technology techniques to remove brackets without harming the tooth. Dentists call this process as laser debonding and it’s painless and quick. Furthermore, patients may strengthen their teeth enamel by following a proper diet containing foods rich in minerals. These include eggs, cheese, and avocado.

Here Is How You Deal With The Drawback Of Ceramic Braces-2


Braces made of ceramic could also brittle leading to chips or breakage when there’s trauma. This is such a bad choice for kids or patients who are active in sports. Like basketball and rugby, contact sports such as martial arts will likely involve the facial area. However, most kids would rather choose clear braces than the traditional ones.

When this is the case, make sure your kids wear their customized mouth guards over their clear ceramic braces. Mouth guards are perfect to limit the harmful effects when engaged into contact sports. Inform your dentist of his activities so that a suitable dental device is crafted to protect your child’s teeth and his appliances.


The ceramic dental braces cost is probably more expensive than the metal ones. One factor is the material itself which could be around $4000 CAD to $5000 CAD on average. Another basis for the price is the treatment as it’s more extensive and lengthy to achieve desired results.

Good news for policyholders and long-time patients because you may use your benefits on this one. Insurance companies might provide coverage, even at least 20% of the entire dental bill for orthodontic patients. Loyal patients also get to enjoy discounts and flexible payment plans from their trusted dental clinics.


Since ceramic braces are larger than the brackets of the traditional braces, it could be harder to clean. Multiple complications lead from improper oral hygiene and that includes tooth decay and gum diseases. Aside from this, transparent braces have clear elastic ties that are prone to stains and aren’t as resistant as the ceramic bracket. So, patients who enjoy staining drinks such as coffee and tea should be aware.

Having said this, patients should seek advice from their dentist on how to appropriately care for their clear ceramic braces. There are specific guidelines to clean ceramic braces and your dentists would show you how. They could also give you regular professional teeth cleaning to ensure the health of your teeth throughout the treatment period.  

Patients should also restrict their intake of foods with powerful staining properties to avoid discoloration of their dental appliance. Moreso, when appliances are stained they can’t be cleaned. When this happens, your dentist might have to replace it with a new set.

If you consult about ceramic braces in Markham, Ontario, be sure to ask about its possible drawbacks. This way, you could ask your dentist to check on your options again.