Recognizing The Occlusal Disease Symptoms

The occlusal disease symptoms include teeth sensitivity to hot or cold temperature in the mouth, teeth loosening, and jaw pain. OD is sometimes considered to be the main cause of tooth loss. Abnormal wear and tear on teeth because of misalignment results to this disease. This is a common dental disorder but also the most underrated diagnosed oral problem. Teeth, jaw, and bone structure damage can happen when the dentist does not administer immediate treatment.

If you think you might have this, consult with your dentists in Markham Ontario to prevent its progression.

Nine Occlusal disease symptoms

  • Bone loss around the teeth.
  • Chewing that causes pain in the jaw and teeth.
  • Facial pain or headaches are a common discomfort.
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth.
  • Gum recession.
  • Pain in the jaw itself or in the muscles of the jaw area.
  • Teeth that seem loose and move can be one of the occlusal disease symptoms.
  • Teeth whose biting surface is worn, cracked, and chipped.
  • The sensitivity of the teeth to temperature changes in the mouth, both hot and cold (or both).

It is important to keep your dentists in Markham Ontario informed if you are suffering from two or more of these symptoms.  

What is the possible treatment?

Your dentist will first confirm whether the symptoms you are experiencing is a true onset of OD. After diagnosis, he will then administer the prescribed dental procedure called occlusal equilibration to realign the teeth. The dentist adjusts certain specific teeth to relieve discomforts in the jaw and the teeth because of occlusal disease symptoms.

Prevention is always the key to combat any disease. There is no harm in consulting your dentists in Markham Ontario when you’re suffering from prolonged dental discomforts. Early diagnosis relieves possible future pain.