The Importance of Having A Root Canal Treatment Now

Your teeth are precious and should be taken care of. Proper brushing and flossing is important as well as regular visits to the dentist. Losing one or more teeth has a great impact on oral health. It can alter the shape of your face and affect the way you smile, making you less confident. The good news is, your dentist could save your teeth with a root canal treatment.

Why is it important to have a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a wise choice if you want to save your natural teeth.  Here are the reasons why:

  • A root canal treatment is cost-effective and efficient.  

You can save more with the treatment compared to a tooth extraction. Missing teeth would need replacements such as dentures or dental implants which are more costly.  

  • The procedure is pain-free.

A root canal procedure is pain-free and won’t give any discomfort. Your dentist puts local anesthesia on the affected area so it will be completely numb.

  • You can eat your favorite food again without restrictions.  

You’ll be able to enjoy eating your favorite pasta, salad or steak again unlike having dentures. There are no limitations as long as you also take good care of your restored tooth.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a procedure that preserves the tooth’s natural structure and restores its normal function. Your root canal is the natural cavity found at the center of the tooth. It contains a soft area called pulp, the tooth’s nerve tissue. It provides the sensory function, or the ability to determine hot or cold sensation. But other than this, it doesn’t have any direct effect to your teeth’s function

Your tooth pulp becomes damaged due to decay, tooth cracks, or large fillings. It could also be due to the trauma on the face or cheek and repeated dental procedures. This results to discomfort and even a toothache. What you need is a root canal treatment to preserve your tooth and restore its function.

How is it done?

The root canal procedure is a four-step process and requires at least two visits to your endodontist. Here are the steps of a root canal therapy in Markham, Ontario.

Step 1

Your dentist starts the treatment by administering local anesthesia to make it a painless procedure. He will also place a rubber dam around the affected tooth to isolate it, making it clean and dry.

Step 2

Next, the endodontist accesses the top portion of the tooth to clean the damaged part of the pulp. He also shapes the inner chamber and washes it with water or sodium hypochlorite to avoid further infection.

Step 3

Then, the dentist fills the cleaned tooth chamber with gutta percha, a temporary filling to close the tooth opening. This filling protects your tooth from contaminants and prevents further tooth infection.

Step 4

Finally, your root canal dentist will place a permanent crown on the top of your restored tooth on your second visit. Your tooth will now be good as new and restored to its full normal function.

How much does the procedure cost?

Root canal treatment costs $500 CAD to $1000 CAD for an incisor and $800 CAD to $1500 CAD for a molar. Endodontists or root canal specialists have their pricing scheme as well.

Your restored tooth could last a lifetime with proper care and attention after the root canal procedure. Always make it a habit to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Most importantly, visit your dentist at least every six months to maintain an overall good oral health condition.