What is a Bite Appliance?

A bite appliance is essentially a detachable device used in correcting crossbites of a person’s front teeth. A crossbite happen when the front upper teeth end up “biting” behind the lower front teeth. In normal circumstances, the upper teeth should the ones biting in front of the lower teeth.

Dental Appliances Markham contains a plastic surface that allows the back teeth to bite on. It springs right behind the upper teeth which push the teeth forward. When crossbites are corrected at an early age, gum problems are avoided, smiles are improved, and it facilitates an improvement healthy dental growth and development.

Wear and Safekeeping

The bite appliance needs to be worn all day and night. However, it should be removed and safely placed in its case when taking part in any physical activity.

Bite appliances can be worn while eating or drinking. If one is struggling to eat with the biteplate in place, ensure it’s safely tucked away in its case. Keep in mind to store the bite appliance safely when in public places such as the school, restaurants, and the field where it can get lost easily.


A majority of people who try the bite appliance for the first time will end up getting used to the device in a matter of days. One may temporarily find it difficult to speak and a bit of soreness may be felt.

After a few months, one will notice an improvement in their front teeth bite.

Duration of Wear

With proper use, the bite appliance will be limited for use in a few months. Adjustments to the bite plate are made every several weeks. Always bring the bite appliance for every dental visit for inspection and assessment.

Dental Follow-Ups

After the crossbites are corrected, Markham Dentists will keep a close eye on the growth and development of teeth every several months.

What is Covered Under Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dental care can save one both money and time in avoiding any major oral health problems that may happen in the future. Regular dental appointments will help spot any potential oral health issues and address them right away.

When one maintains their oral health through regular Preventive dental Care Markham, one will completely avoid expensive dental treatments in the future like teeth extractions, root canal, or periodontal surgery.

From implementing proper brushing and flossing methods to dental appointments to advice on one’s diet, preventative dental care ensures one’s gums and teeth are healthy.

Importance of Dental Care

Oral health goes beyond just caring for the gums and teeth, it also involves a person’s overall health. By making sure one’s teeth are in great shape, one can curb major health problems such as stroke, heart disease, and clogged arteries.

Having dental exams and professional cleanings regularly will help diagnose and curb potential health issues from happening before they become severe. At the same, it minimizes the need to spend money on costly dental treatments such as root canal, teeth extractions, fillings, and periodontal surgery.

Dental Visits

When one visits the dentist regularly, expect a thorough examination of the gums, teeth, and mouth. The dentist will observe for any signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and any broken, loose, or scratched teeth and fillings.

Regular check-ups ensure that any potential problems are spotted and treated in the early stages before they become costly and challenging to treat. Dental appointments play a critical role in preventative dental are.

Oral Health

A person’s oral health has a direct link to general overall health. To know more about the benefits of preventative dental care, one can set up an appointment with the Dentists in markham and discuss other means to ensure optimal oral health.

Best Tips for Beautiful Teeth and Gums

If you take good care of your teeth and gums, they can stay healthy and beautiful. When your teeth are well cared for and healthier, it reduces your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. But healthy teeth can also be key to preventing a wide variety of other conditions.

Here are the best tips for you and your Markham dentists to keep your teeth and gums beautiful.

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What Are My Options if I Have Missing Teeth?

Having missing teeth can be a huge problem for some people. Many people choose to ignore a missing tooth if it is located in the back and not very noticeable. But what happens if you are missing more than one tooth or you have a gap your teeth and it is very noticeable?

Your dentists in Markham are likely to suggest one of three options for replacing missing teeth.

  • Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bridges

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What are Partial Dentures ?

Missing teeth have an effect on your speaking, eating and your appearance including your smile. If you have missing teeth, dentists in Markham may recommend getting full or partial dentures which take the place of natural teeth.

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices designed to fill in gaps which have been created by missing permanent teeth. Once the dentures, partial or full, are in place, you’ll be able to speak, eat and smile normally. Dentures are constructed from a plastic base that holds the fabricated teeth. The base will match closely with your natural color of gum tissue and the  prosthetic teeth will be made of either porcelain or a special dental plastic. Dentures will be fitted to your mouth and made specifically to fit the shape of your mouth. The Markham dentists will make an impression, or mold, of the inside of your mouth. This mold will be sent off to a lab which will make the dentures to fit your mouth and match the structure of your face to ensure a proper fit and maximum function.

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