What is a Bite Appliance?

A bite appliance is essentially a detachable device used in correcting crossbites of a person’s front teeth. A crossbite happen when the front upper teeth end up “biting” behind the lower front teeth. In normal circumstances, the upper teeth should the ones biting in front of the lower teeth.

Dental Appliances Markham contains a plastic surface that allows the back teeth to bite on. It springs right behind the upper teeth which push the teeth forward. When crossbites are corrected at an early age, gum problems are avoided, smiles are improved, and it facilitates an improvement healthy dental growth and development.

Wear and Safekeeping

The bite appliance needs to be worn all day and night. However, it should be removed and safely placed in its case when taking part in any physical activity.

Bite appliances can be worn while eating or drinking. If one is struggling to eat with the biteplate in place, ensure it’s safely tucked away in its case. Keep in mind to store the bite appliance safely when in public places such as the school, restaurants, and the field where it can get lost easily.


A majority of people who try the bite appliance for the first time will end up getting used to the device in a matter of days. One may temporarily find it difficult to speak and a bit of soreness may be felt.

After a few months, one will notice an improvement in their front teeth bite.

Duration of Wear

With proper use, the bite appliance will be limited for use in a few months. Adjustments to the bite plate are made every several weeks. Always bring the bite appliance for every dental visit for inspection and assessment.

Dental Follow-Ups

After the crossbites are corrected, Markham Dentists will keep a close eye on the growth and development of teeth every several months.