Types of Mouth Guards to Protect Your Teeth

Otherwise known as mouth protectors or sports guards, mouth guards are referred as devices that can be worn over the teeth to offer protection against injury if an individual is hit directly on the head or face. This holds true for teens and kids who play rough sports like hockey, skateboarding, or football.

Protecting the Teeth

Mouth Guards Markham should be worn in any physical activity regardless if it’s in a practice or playing in the actual game. While professional dental cleanings, brushing teeth twice daily, and flossing once a day can preserve a person’s smile, it’s essential to have a mouth guard to ensure one’s smile is protected.

Mouthguard Types

Dentists recommend using mouth guards for all physical sports including rugby, lacrosse, and wrestling. The great thing with mouthguards is that they’re made from durable plastic content.

They’re divided into the following main categories:

  • Custom-made mouthguards.

Customized mouth guards should be done by a dentist. These devices are comfortable to wear. The downside is that they’re costly.

  • Boil and bite mouthguards.

These mouth guards are partly custom-made. One will need to buy a pre-made plastic shape and customized by having the mouth guard boiled in water for a couple minutes then making a bite impression on the warm plastic.

  • Standard mouthguards.

Standard mouth guards these days are pre-formed. They’re the types that can’t be altered to specifically fit a person’s mouth. It does offer protection but it could get in the way of the nose or mouth since they’re not customized to fit everyone.

Do They Work?

Putting on a mouth guard molded to shape one’s teeth and mouth offers a peace of mind knowing that one will be protected. Ensure that the mouth guard becomes part of a person’s sports equipment. Schedule an appointment with a Forestbrook Dental to learn further about mouth guards.