What are Partial Dentures ?

Missing teeth have an effect on your speaking, eating and your appearance including your smile. If you have missing teeth, dentists in Markham may recommend getting full or partial dentures which take the place of natural teeth.

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices designed to fill in gaps which have been created by missing permanent teeth. Once the dentures, partial or full, are in place, you’ll be able to speak, eat and smile normally. Dentures are constructed from a plastic base that holds the fabricated teeth. The base will match closely with your natural color of gum tissue and the  prosthetic teeth will be made of either porcelain or a special dental plastic. Dentures will be fitted to your mouth and made specifically to fit the shape of your mouth. The Markham dentists will make an impression, or mold, of the inside of your mouth. This mold will be sent off to a lab which will make the dentures to fit your mouth and match the structure of your face to ensure a proper fit and maximum function.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are designed to cover just part of the mouth. These are typically used when only some of the teeth are missing. Full dentures are designed to replace all the teeth and partial dentures replace some. Usually, getting partial dentures in Markham is usually recommended when some healthy, natural teeth remain in the mouth. Your dentist is going to try to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible since your natural teeth help maintain the integrity of the jawbone.

How will partial dentures work?

Partial dentures are a removable bridge that consists of a gum-colored bridge which holds the replacement teeth. Sometimes it has a metal framework that helps hold the denture properly in the mouth. Crowns may be placed on the natural teeth on either side of the gap being filled in and a fixed bridge used to hold the prosthetic teeth in place. This is a fixed bridge and it will be cemented into place so it doesn’t move. In most cases, partials are removable and have internal attachments that attach to adjacent crowns so they stay snuggly in place.

Are there alternatives to partial dentures?

For some people, dental implants may be a suitable alternative to partial dentures. However, implants are much more expensive and not everyone is a candidate for getting implants. The advantage of implants is that they feel more like the natural teeth.

Will I have to make a choice?

In some instances, if you are getting dentures in Markham, the dental professional may consider dental implants. Each person has a unique situation that will be assessed by a dental professional. They can make recommendations based on your specific situation and determine if partial dentures, full dentures or dental implants are going to be best. You’ll be given all the information and allowed to make an educated choice along with the help of your dentist.