Receiving a Dental Crown for a Front Tooth in Markham

Damage, decay, and root canals are all reasons why patients may need dental crowns front teeth Markham. As the tooth is visible when you smile, talk, or eat, it is extra important that the crown appears natural to help you maintain your appearance and confidence.

Materials for a Crown on a Front Tooth

Crowns come in a range of materials. Whereas metal, porcelain fused to metal, and tooth-coloured composites (which are prone to staining) are all fine for back teeth, they are less suitable for front teeth. Porcelain and resin are better options. Porcelain is the best of all, as it reflects light just like your natural enamel, meaning it is not at all obvious that the crown is there.

Enhancing Appearances

Your crown will come in a shade that matches the rest of your teeth exactly. As you will be unable to change the colour later, if you are considering whitening your teeth, you should complete the treatment before the dental lab starts making your crown.

To keep the crown matching your teeth, you need to prevent stains on the neighbouring teeth. Cut down your intake of foods and drinks that discolour teeth, like coffee, tea, and red wine and quit smoking.

Protecting Your Crown

To maximize the lifespan of your crown, you should treat it much the same as the rest of your teeth, brushing it at least twice a day and receiving regular checkups (during which your dentist will examine the fit and condition of your crown). You will also need to take measures to reduce your risk of chips and other types of damage. Whereas it is fine to bite with your crown, you should only ever bite food, never hard objects like pens or your nails.