Save Yourself From Root Canal Procedure With These Tips

A root canal procedure may seem frightening, but it can actually be a very beneficial treatment for your oral health. It is a necessary treatment for patients who have infected teeth deep down the roots. However, there are steps you can take to help reduce your chances of having to go through with a root canal. Check out these tips below:

1. Brush your teeth regularly.

Brushing your teeth after eating your meals will remove all the food debris stuck on your teeth. When they are not removed, the bacteria will cause infection leading to gum diseases. 

2. If you are into sports, wear a mouthguard.

When you are playing contact sports, wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. This dental appliance will prevent dental injuries from happening.

3. Don’t skip flossing

Flossing will ensure that no food debris will be left behind. This step will make your teeth spaces free from tartar or plaque buildup.

4. Reduce intake of sugary foods and beverages

Consuming too many sweets can lead to tooth decay. It is important to note that eating healthy foods will not only save your teeth but will improve your overall health.

5. Sensitive teeth shouldn’t be ignored

When you feel pain every time you eat hot or cold foods, you should consult your dentist. When left untreated, it can affect the function of your teeth. 

6. Do not chew ice

Chewing ice will result in cracks or fractures of the teeth. A cracked tooth is vulnerable to bacteria causing infection. You need to stop chewing ice to protect your teeth.

7. See your dentist regularly.

Preventive measures are the best. That is why it is essential to schedule a visit with your dentist. In this way, they can detect and treat your dental problems early.  

Root canal treatment: what to expect

An endodontist, who specializes in treating the pulp, will handle your root canal treatment. To prevent further damage to your teeth, they make sure that the infection does not spread. During a root canal procedure, your dentist will place you under local anesthesia. This will make your procedure painless. 


You can expect the following steps as your dentist performs the dental treatment.

  1. First, they will clean the center of the infected tooth to remove the pulp. Using a dental file, they will remove the injured pulp through the small hole in the surface. 
  2. As soon as the affected nerve tissues are removed, your dentist will use a rubber material and place it in the teeth. Then, using adhesive cement, they will seal the hole to avoid bacteria from entering. 
  3. Because of the absence of your pulp, your tooth may become fragile. Your dentist will recommend you to have dental crowns or filling to make your teeth stronger. 

What you should do after your dental surgery

There are several things to keep in mind when taking care of your teeth after a root canal. You can follow these seven simple tips for a smooth and quick recovery.

1. Brush and floss regularly.

Be gentle when you brush your teeth since you just had dental surgery. In brushing, you should do it in gentle circles. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and do not forget to floss. 

2. Avoid chewing crunchy and hard foods.

It’s hard to chew after your treatment. It is recommended that during your recovery period, follow a soft-food diet until the time you are fully recovered. 

3. Keep your mouth clean at all costs.

After your procedure, your dentist will inform you to not rinse your mouth for the first twenty-four hours. On the second day, you may do so. Using warm salt water, rinse your mouth four times a day preferably after your meals. 

4. Take time to rest.

Your body needs to recover. Rest and avoid any physically demanding activity. You may resume your normal activities and routine once you are doing well.

5. Follow your dentist’s instructions.

Your dentist is your partner in your dental health. Because of this, you have to cooperate throughout your treatment. When you experience more pain than usual after your surgery, inform them right away so they can help you.

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It is not easy to think about, but your Markham dentist can help you. A root canal procedure is the best solution when it comes to treating infected tooth so do not hesitate! Learn more about this dental procedure and whether it could be right for you by scheduling an appointment with your dentist today.