What Is the Cause of a Root Canal?

If your dentist has just delivered the news that you need root canal therapy in Markham, you may be wondering what caused the problem. Actually, there are several conditions that can lead to damage of the pulp or nerve in the tooth.

A Cavity

Untreated cavities continue to grow larger, eventually going deep into the tooth and reaching the pulp. This infects the pulp with bacteria, leading either to inflammation and pain or decayed tissue. Both situations require root canal treatment Markham.

An Abscess

An abscess is a type of infection that occurs when the pulp in the tooth dies. This leaves a pocket of pus at the end of the root around the dead nerve tissue. When an abscess is the cause of your root canal treatment, you may notice a bump on your gums or feel the pus draining from the abscess, leading to a bad taste in your mouth.

Trauma to the Mouth

If you suffer an injury to the face, the nerve in a tooth may detach from the root and die. Sometimes, this happens at the time of the trauma, but in other cases, it occurs years later.

Fractured Teeth

Injuries that lead to a severe fracture in the tooth (where the crack reaches through the tooth into the pulp) also need root canal treatment.

Multiple Dental Procedures

Repeated dental procedures on the same tooth lead to stress and cause the pulp to become inflamed. If inflammation is irreversible, you will need root canal therapy.

Root Resorption

Root resorption is a defect of the root. It has a number of causes, including trauma to the tooth, tooth re-plantation, and forceful moving of the tooth during other dental procedures. If root resorption leads the root to enter the pulp, you will need root canal therapy in addition to treatment to repair the defect.

When Does Your Child Need Emergency Dental Care?

If you have children, you know that accidents can happen. A big problem is distinguishing an emergency from an injury that does not require immediate attention. Dental emergencies are no different — to be prepared, you need to learn what type of accidents call for emergency dental Markham and what can wait until morning.

When to Visit an Emergency Dental Office Markham


A severe toothache, including pain when eating, is a sign of a cavity. It is possible that the decay has spread through the tooth and the infection has reached the pulp, in which case your child needs root canal therapy.

Broken tooth

Anything from impact during play or sports to eating hard food can cause damage to a tooth. Whereas minor chips can wait, if a large chunk breaks off, your child needs to see a dentist. Visible cracks and excessive bleeding also constitute as emergencies.

Knocked-out tooth

Unless a tooth falls out naturally, your child needs medical attention.

Steps for Dealing with a Dental Emergency Markham

If your child’s mouth is bleeding, rinse it with warm water. You can also use a gauze to stop the bleeding and hold an ice pack to the cheek to prevent swelling and to reduce discomfort. When pain is severe, give your child an analgesic, such as ibuprofen. Never use aspirin in the presence of bleeding, as the medication will thin the blood and prevent clotting.

If the problem is a knocked-out permanent tooth, try to reinsert the tooth. Never do this with a primary tooth, as you could damage the new tooth below the gums. In the case you cannot push the tooth back into its socket, store it in milk and bring it with you to the dentist.