Emergency Dental Services in Markham

Do you know where to go for emergency dental services Markham?

Markham dentist

There are many Markham dentist  who provide emergency dental services; one of which is Forestbrook Dental.

Forestbrook provides emergency dental services for chipped or broken teeth, abscess, or a tooth that has been knocked out, the loss of a filling, broken or damaged braces, a bleeding tooth or teeth, or a displaced tooth.

A trauma to the mouth from an accident or a fall as well as those listed above could be a reason to seek emergency dental services.

Emergency dentists Markham

Emergency dentists in Markham will see you after hours and on the weekend as long as you have an emergency dental problem.

A painful tooth is not always a dental emergency unless you are running a fever or have another issue along with the pain.

What to do for dental emergencies until you can see the dentist

Here are some guidelines for how to handle dental emergencies until you can see the dentist. First stay calm and do not panic.

For a chipped tooth that has sharp edges use paraffin wax to put over the tooth so the sharp edges do not cut your tongue or lips.

Abscesses swish warm salt water around in your mouth frequently throughout the day to help remove the bacteria and ease the pain. You can also take a nonprescription pain reliever such as acetaminophen.

If your tooth gets knocked out pick up the tooth by the crown, rinse it with cool water and place it in a container with cool water or cool milk to keep it moist. You can also rinse the tooth and put it back in the socket from where it came out until you get to the doctor.    Check out emergency dentist Markham.