Outstanding Dental Care For Seniors In Markham Guaranteed

Dental care for seniors in Markham caters to the different needs of an elderly person. As the body mature over time the dental needs change. Different oral health problems arise as the teeth age.

The dental office in Markham encourages good oral hygiene among seniors to prevent teeth and gums problem. The clinic is also open for regular cleanings and dental examinations that give your dentist a baseline of your oral health.

What are some of the oral problems that senior citizen faces?

Your dentist helps you deal with the following situations.

Discoloration or darkening of the teeth

Consuming different kinds of stain-causing food throughout the years contributes to this. Discoloration also happens because the outer enamel layer wears away through the years. As it thins, the yellow shade of your dentin shows through.

Dry mouth

Dental care for seniors in Markham helps the elderly fight against dry mouth. Reduction of saliva production in the mouth might be because of the medicines that they take. It can also be side effects of treatments and diseases.

Root decay

Exposure of the teeth’s roots leads to its decay. Gum disease causes the gums to recede, which exposes the roots. The roots of the teeth are prone to damage because unlike the crown, they don’t have enamel to protect them.

Gum disease

Gum disease chooses no age. Plaque builds up because of bacteria that feed on stuck food particles on the mouth. Cigarette smoking, poor diets, and lack of a proper oral hygiene also add to the reasons for gum disease.

Teeth loss

Loss of teeth is common among old people. According to the dental office in Markham, one of the leading reasons behind this is gum disease.

Uneven jawbones

Not replacing missing teeth causes the adjacent teeth to shift and fill the gap. This results in a change in your bite and an uneven jawbone.

Stomatitis caused by dentures

This is the inflammation of the oral mucous membrane beneath the denture. Dentures that are not properly fit or poor oral hygiene leads to this.

Age may be the largest factor that contributes to oral health problems. But we also take into consideration the medicines that seniors take and other health conditions. Arthritis and short-term memory might hinder good oral hygiene.

Dental Care For Seniors In Markham

Good oral hygiene is a basic foundation of oral health. The purpose of this is to prevent plaque and bacteria build up that leads to gum disease. This disease, if not treated, is very destructive to both the gums and the teeth.

Besides maintaining a good oral hygiene, regular dental cleaning helps maintain the good condition of your teeth. It is good to be in touch with your dentist every six months to check on your mouth’s condition.

Dental care for seniors in Markham includes dental exams for seniors. The dentist assess your medical history to watch out for history in oral diseases. He will also check on your face, mouth, and neck for signs of lumps or abscesses. Dental examinations checks on your overall oral health. The dentist will also check on teeth restorations to make sure that they are in good condition.

The dental office in Markham would love to accommodate senior patients. It is their goal to providing superb dental care to all ages.