How To Replace Missing Teeth In Markham

It is necessary to replace missing teeth, not doing so will have an effect on your body. Gaps in your teeth make it difficult to chew your food. Gum recession and tooth decay cause your natural teeth to move. Missing teeth can speed this up, leading to a change in your bite. An improper bite causes headaches, tooth loss and, TMJ disorder.

Markham Dental office offers viable solutions for tooth replacement. These include dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Practical solutions to replace missing teeth

Looking for the right option to replace missing teeth is best consulted with your dentist. Here are some options that you can talk about.

  • Removable partial dentures are a teeth replacement affixed to a gum-colored base. This can be worn during the day and taken off at night. A metal framework connects it to your teeth. In some cases, the dentist uses precision attachments to affix it. They are more aesthetically pleasing because they blend to the appearance of your gums.  If you are replacing all your missing teeth, consult Markham Dental office for information on full dentures.
  • A bridge is an option when there are still teeth on both sides of the gap. The natural teeth on either side are reduced in size to fit the crowns placed on them. The bridge will be situated over the missing teeth and the natural teeth.
  • Dental implants can replace missing teeth, and function like natural teeth. An implant is a metal frame surgically placed on your jawbone to function as the root of the teeth. After a few months, an abutment is placed on top of the implant. This is where the crown is cemented. Implants restore normal chewing because it is secured on your jawbone.

Markham Dental office has different options for replacing missing teeth. Allowing it to go untreated will have an effect on your oral health.

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