Beware Of These Gingivitis Symptoms Before It’s Too Late

The inflammation of gingiva or the gums is gingivitis. Gingivitis symptoms, if not treated at once, could progress to periodontitis. This could lead to further damage on your gums, jawbone, and even loss of teeth.

Neglect of good oral hygiene can result in gingivitis. Daily practice of brushing teeth, flossing, and having routine dental checkups at Markham dental office can prevent gum diseases. Plaque can accumulate around and between the teeth without a good oral hygiene routine. Dental plaque is caused by bacteria that come from the food residue left on the teeth. Hardened plaque turns into tartar or calculus. Tartar can cause gum inflammation which leads to bleeding gums.  

Gingivitis symptoms are usually mild and hardly noticed. However, this is a serious condition that should be immediately addressed.

What are the gingivitis symptoms?

  • Purple or red gums
  • Tender or soft gums that cause pain when touched
  • Bleeding in the gums when you brush or floss
  • Halitosis or bad breath
  • Swollen gums
  • Receding gums

Other factors that can cause gingivitis

  1. Markham dental office recognizes the fact that besides the lack of good oral hygiene, other factors can also cause gingivitis.
  2. When people undergo puberty, menopause, and pregnancy their gums are more sensitive. Sensitive gums are more at risk of inflammation.
  3. The risk of having gingivitis is also higher among those with cancer, diabetes, and HIV.
  4. Gingivitis symptoms can also be evident among those who have poor diet, smoke and use prohibited drugs.
  5. Age is also a common factor from those suffering from gingivitis. Therefore, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle and follow a good oral hygiene routine as you grow.

Gingivitis is easier to prevent than to treat. Regular dental cleanings and checkups at Markham dental office can help detect early symptoms of gingivitis.