Do You Really Know What Your Hygienist Does

You may know your hygienist as the person who provides you with dental hygiene tips Markham. However, hygienists do so much more. They are a crucial team member at any dental clinic, providing patients with preventive care.

Teeth Cleanings

You likely have the most contact with your dental hygienist during the cleaning part of your checkup. Hygienists perform both routine cleanings and deep cleanings (also called scaling and root planing), to treat gum disease.

Diet Advice

Beyond teaching you the proper way to brush and offering other hygiene tips, your dental hygienist can provide you with diet advice. This will be tailored to your unique lifestyle and needs.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is often necessary for children, but your Markham dentist may sometimes recommend it to adults. Your dental hygienist is the one who carries out this treatment.

Whitening Treatment

If you want to lighten your teeth, a professional whitening treatment is your best option. Your hygienist will know how to apply the product safely and how long to leave it on to achieve the shade you want.

Dental Impressions

An impression of your mouth is necessary for whitening treatment as well as for many other procedures, including crowns, indirect fillings, orthodontic devices, veneers, dentures, and implants. Your dental hygienist will be the one to take the impression.

Patient Screening

Patient screenings involve a variety of tasks, including a basic assessment of oral health, a review of your medical history, a cancer screening, and an inspection of your head and neck.


You may need X-rays if your dentist discovers decay or believes you may need a root canal as well if you are going to receive orthodontic treatment. X-rays are also necessary as part of a comprehensive dental exam. The dental hygienist will take and develop the X-rays for your dentist to examine.