How Long Do Teeth Whitening Effects Last in Markham?

How long will teeth whitening effects last in Markham?

That will depend on several factors; such as what type of whitening is used, the number of acidic foods or drinks consumed, and how well you keep up with your oral hygiene routine.

Types of teeth whitening

You can have professional whitening done by the dentist or you can purchase over the counter whitening kits at most pharmacies.

Whitening products you will find in pharmacies are strips, trays, pens, or gels you brush on, toothpaste and rinses.

These products are not as potent as teeth whitening  Markham dentist offices.

How do home whitening differ from dentist whitening

When the dentist does a whitening you can also get a fluoride treatment Markham and the process takes an hour to achieve.

First, there will be a protective barrier places on your gums and lips. Then the whitening gel will be applied followed by an ultraviolet light to activate the whitening agent. This has a higher concentration of whitening bleach than home products and the results are seen immediately. This type of treatment whitens below the surface.

With home whitening, there is no fluoride treatment and you have to try to keep strips or trays in contact with your teeth. These are surface whiteners only.

The length of time your teeth stay white

If you eat or drink a lot of acidic foods such as coffee or wine, smoke, or do not properly brush twice a day your teeth whitening will not last as long.

You need to remember that as we age our teeth age also and the color changes.

Home kits can be used in between whitening done by your Markham dentist to help keep your teeth whiter longer in between cleaning and whitening.