How Do You Stop Thumbsucking?

Children these days have resorted to thumb-sucking or making use of a pacifier to comfort themselves. It’s a reflex that occurs naturally in toddlers and babies that give them the feeling of security and comfort.

If it so happens thumbsucking becomes a prolonged habit, it can lead to inadequate development and growth of permanent teeth. A majority of parents are given of time to discourage their children from thumb-sucking before it ends up becoming a major dental issue.

Thumb-Sucking: When It Should Stop

Normally, children will stop thumbsucking Markham between two and four years of age. They tend to develop other means to comfort themselves. With a bit of peer pressure or some encouragement, they tend to quit altogether on their own.

Ways to Stop Thumb-Sucking

1.Spot thumb-sucking triggers.

The only approach that can actually get one’s child to stop thumb sucking is by understanding its trigger. Whenever a child feels tired or stressed, give them a hug or hold their hand rather getting them to let go of their thumb.

2.Put restrictions to thumb-sucking.

Cutting back on the time the child would be thumb sucking is an essential step in eradicating the habit.

3.Re-focus the attachment elsewhere.

Whenever one notices their child feeling upset or stressed, provide the child with a stuffed toy or an animal to hold on to effectively cope. Pair that with reassuring words and it’s everything your child would ever need without resorting to thumb sucking.

4.Deploying positive reinforcement.

Whenever your child isn’t sucking their thumb, give them a small reward or appreciate them for doing so. Keep them distracted so their hands will be busy doing something else will prevent them from sucking their fingers.

Contact the Dentist

If one wants to know more about thumbsucking or other dental concerns regarding their children, schedule an appointment with a Dentist in Markham today.

Are Baby Teeth Really That Important to My Child?

You may think that baby teeth matter very little. After all, they will fall out after a few years and be replaced with permanent teeth. However, baby teeth are actually important for several reasons.

Why Do Baby Teeth Matter?

Baby teeth contribute to a child’s development. They help kids learn to chew, speak, and smile correctly, behaviors that your child will retain with permanent teeth. They also mark space for permanent teeth, increasing the chance that when these teeth erupt they will come through straight. If a baby tooth falls out too soon, the permanent tooth may erupt in the wrong position, leading to crowding.

Pediatric Dental Services for Baby Teeth

Dental services for kids are necessary from the moment the first tooth appears — usually before the child is a year old. The dentist will check your child’s mouth to ensure everything appears healthy. He or she will also provide you with information on how to take care of your child’s teeth, prevent cavities, look for signs of decay, and manage bad habits like thumb sucking.

Are Crowns on Baby Teeth Necessary?

A dental crown allows a baby tooth to continue to look and function normally. It can save a tooth from falling out too early and hold space for a permanent tooth when damage is too severe for a filling. This way, you prevent all the problems caused by the loss of a tooth, including poor speech development, difficulty eating, misalignment of permanent teeth, and self-consciousness.

How to Protect Baby Teeth

By taking proper precautions, you can protect your child’s baby teeth and avoid the need for crowns. Follow the same oral hygiene routine as you use for your own teeth, brushing twice per day. You should also discourage your child from biting any foods that are very hard, such as ice.

How to Get Thumb-Sucking Help from Pediatric Dentist in Markham

Thumb-sucking can be a distressing problem for parents of small children. Although they might not know exactly why, parents understand that when thumb-sucking goes on too long, something is not quite right. They sometimes become anxious over their child’s thumb-sucking habit and may punish them severely for it. Yet, punishment can cause more problems than it cures. So, what is a parent supposed to do? The answer is that you can get thumb-sucking help from your local Markham ON dentist.

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