Gum Line Contouring for a Shapelier Smile

Everyone is after an attractive and bright smile. Having a beautiful smile alone can brighten one’s face and boost confidence. In addition, teeth that are healthy looking can make one feel attractive and appear younger.

There are numerous ways for one to achieve a shapelier smile. Dentists can provide dental services ranging from dental prosthetics to veneers to teeth whitening. They can also provide gum contouring for clients who are in need of minimizing their gum appearance which can help lead to an attractive smile.

Gum Contouring: What is It?

Gum contouring is considered to be just one of many Smile Enhancements Markham procedures in the world of dentistry. It’s a process that involves the removal of extra gum line tissue in the mouth to create an appearance of longer teeth.

Some people are known for having a “gummy smile.” This condition involves gums that cover more parts of the teeth than normal, which causes the teeth to appear shorter. Gums tend to be prominent whenever they smile, which is widely perceived by many to be unsightly.

Gum contouring basically eradicates the highest upper arc of the gums, ensuring to cut off any additional tissue. The surgeon will need to be sure that root of the teeth won’t be shown since this could lead to irreversible damage.

Things to Expect

Teeth that are shapely and long tend to be attractive compared to shorter ones. Gum contouring is labelled as a cosmetic procedure since the extra gum tissue to be removed isn’t anywhere dangerous.

Those who are willing to take part in the procedure are expected to recover quickly since only little tissue is removed. A majority of patients can recover as early as few days to as late as a couple weeks.

Improved Smile

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