Dentures Clinic in Markham for Replacement of Missing Teeth

Image © Matt Madd/Dentist

Individuals might be suffering from missing single or multiple teeth. Dentures are the solution to rebuild your self-confidence. So, what is a denture? It is a set of artificial teeth which replaces the natural teeth and surrounding soft tissues.

Types of Denture

There are two types of denture:

1.      Complete dentures

  • Complete dentures replace all the missing natural teeth while partial dentures replace some of the missing teeth.
  • Two types of complete dentures: conventional and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are made after 4-6 weeks when the gums and teeth sockets have completely healed. However, immediate dentures, on the other hand, are made in advance before any extractions. These dentures are inserted immediately after extractions. It allows the patient to not move around socially without teeth.

2.      Partial dentures

  • A partial denture is also termed as “removable partial denture.” It replaces few missing teeth and is held in the mouth by the clasps attached to the surrounding natural teeth.
  • The denture is a permanent dental appliance. You can easily have your dentures made at our denture clinics at Markham. They can work for a life time as the dentists at Markham will repair or readjust these dentures for you. It is because changes might occur in your dentures due to regular wear.

Dentures at Markham

Forestbrookdental is one of the best denture clinic Markham which offers quality and affordable treatments. Our expert crafts design the dentures with premium quality. These dentures provide you with esthetics, healthy eating habits, chewing, speaking and smiling.

Get used to your Denture

Keep in your mind that dentures are false teeth. Try to have realistic expectations with your dentures. It takes time to adjust with your dentures.

In the initial phase of denture wearing, you might feel soreness and pain in your mouth. However, with time, you will feel more comfortable with your dentures.