How Dentist Diagnose the Signs of Gum Disease in Markham

Gum disease is a periodontal condition, but the patients are unable to recognize its symptoms. It is because of the fact this disease does not cause pain in the teeth or gums. Usually, the cause of the gum disease is by consuming sugary products. It in turns develops plaque and a thick layer of bacteria on the teeth. The only possible way to get rid of gum disease is to visit your dentist daily. In this way, you can have the daily report of the condition of your mouth.


Dentist often requires x ray of the mouth to figure out the gums and teeth in depth. In gum disease, it is essential to measure the groove which is between the gum and the teeth. The pocket depth in a healthy mouth measures from 1mm to 3 mm. However, if these pockets are deeper than 4 mm, then it is the indicator of gingivitis.


Usually, signs of gum disease Markham, the surrounding teeth become sensitive. There are several ways through which dentist test whether the tooth is sensitive or not. Most of the time he or she asks several questions related to a sensitivity issue. Other than this technique he can tap the teeth around the gum line to confirm the presence of gingivitis. In short, all of the information helps the dentist to give you the appropriate treatment.


The dentist asks the patient about the medical history to identify factors that can cause gum disease. This risk factor includes chewing tobacco or smoking, hormonal changes in pregnancy and effects of drugs or alcohol. It is necessary for the dentist to know such information for giving the treatment.