Root Canal in Markham is a Procedure for Treating Severe Pain

Patients are not interested in knowing about the root canal treatments. They have a perception that it is a lengthy process and will cause pain. However, it is the different root canal treatments help in treating the pain. The root canal treatment Markham is also termed as endodontic treatment. The truth is that the dentists can easily perform this procedure in one or two sittings. It is a comfortable procedure because the dentist starts the treatment with anesthesia.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

The outer covering of tooth is termed as enamel, underneath which it has a soft tissue known as pulp. It has nerves and blood vessels. This vasculature leads to inflammation of infection of the pulp which extends to the root. It often occurs due to the decay, bacteria or injury. The root canal treatment includes the removal of injured, infected or dead pulp from the tooth, reducing the symptoms of pain.

Indications of Root Canal Treatment:

Following, are the signs that you need a root canal treatment:

  • Severe pain or sensitivity that lasts longer.
  • Small swelling or lump present firmly in association with the tooth.
  • You might feel pain or discomfort on chewing.
  • The discoloration is seen on the tooth.
  • Tenderness is felt on percussion.

What Should You Expect While Going To The Dental Office For Root Canal Treatment In?

  • First x-rays are taken.
  • The dentist applies anesthesia on the painful site.
  • The rubber dam is placed around the tooth for isolation.
  • The dentist starts to drill the infected tooth, cleanse and irrigate it with normal saline.
  • After complete cleaning of the tooth, the root canal space is filled with GP sticks which are the unique filling material.
  • Now he will place the regular filing on top of the filled tooth area.

Is Root Canal Treatment A Successful Procedure?

It is effective in cases where the dentist completes the root canal treatment in an isolated area. The isolation should be achieved in such a way that no bacteria or saliva fluids can ingress the root canal space. The procedure allows you to keep your tooth intact and prevents it from extraction. FOr more information, you may visit us.