Teeth Bonding Markham

Teeth bonding can help restore your smile and help your teeth by filling in space to prevent teeth from shifting.

What is a tooth bonding?

This is a cosmetic procedure that uses a special resin which has the same shade as a tooth.

The resin is applied to the tooth and allowed to harden; that is so it protects the tooth from further decay or widens the tooth or teeth to stop others from shifting positions.

Is the procedure painful?

This is not a painful procedure and the only time anesthesia is used is when bonding is done to fill a cavity.

When using teeth bonding Markham to fill a cavity it far less noticeable than the old silver colored fillings.

What are the pros and cons

There are pros and cons to bonding.


The pros are:

  • Less expensive than crowns or veneers
  • Can be done in dentist office unless it is several teeth unlike crowns or veneers that have to be made in the lab
  • Procedure removes less enamel than other procedures
  • Can help reduce shifting of other teeth
  • Does not require anesthesia unless used to do fillings


The cons are:

  • Less resistant to stains that crowns or veneers
  • Can break or chip a tooth in some instances
  • Does not always last as long as crowns or veneers

Other reasons bonding may be chosen

There are other reasons tooth bonding may be chosen besides covering cracks, chips, or stains.

Some of the other reasons are:

  • Protection of the tooth’s root that may be me exposed due to gum disease
  • Make the tooth look longer
  • Change the shape of a tooth

No matter the reason you are considering tooth bonding in Markham listen to your dentist when they give advice on how it works and how to clean the teeth afterward.