How Orthodontist in Markham Work With Adult Braces

An orthodontist is the one that checks, identify and then treat if there are any irregularities in the tooth so that you can bite perfectly. They move or make the tooth straights with the help of braces and another advancement to make the appearance better and function effectively.

Are Braces Only For Kids?

Braces help in straightening or moving teeth so that chew perfectly and smile better. Braces are very common, and they are not only for kid’s even adults also wear them. You as a kid must remember how you wear those painful braces in your high or junior school. No doubt they made your look awful, but that’s how you got your smile back. That’s the main reason that many adults are going for orthodontist Markham to bring the smile back and to correct their face position.

After putting braces, one has to put retainers to keep the teeth in shape if not then they will shift again. Most adults wear braces because they ignored the retainers in young age or they didn’t even put braces at all.

Metal Braces

As an adult, the best treatment option for orthodontist in Markham is to go for metal braces. These are best if your tooth is crooked, bite problem, or you want to have some teeth movement. These are less expensive and thus affordable. The main reason adult avoid is that of aesthetics. However, many people think these are unattractive and don’t look nice.

Ceramic Braces

If you are more concerned about the looks, then go for ceramic braces. They are expensive than metal one but are effective in handling crooked teeth and bite problems. Once you are wearing clear braces, try to avoid items like soda, red wine, and dark beverages as they release adhesive which sticks brackets to the teeth.