When to Call for Kids Dentist Emergency Care

Each parent has had the chance to handle medical emergencies with their child at least once it’s their life whether it’s scrape on the knee, bloodied nose, or a broken bone. But what would a parent do when something is wrong with their child’s teeth?

Emergency Dental Care

Sometimes, accidents that a child experiences isn’t a big deal. But the path isn’t always clear for a parent when their child has issues with their teeth such as a toothache or a broken tooth.

If one feels their child is going through a kids dental emergency Markham, keep in mind these following questions:

  • Is this considered a dental emergency?

While smoothing a tooth that has been chipped isn’t exactly a dental emergency, severe tooth pain, bleeding, or loose teeth that are too painful to handle can be classified as a dental emergency.

Observe if the child is experiencing some kind of swelling or if knots are seen on the gums. If the problem is triggered by a physical injury, then this is considered a dental emergency.

  • Who should be called: a dentist or 911?

If one feels their child is going through a dental emergency or requires emergency dental care, the first step should be to phone 911 before taking another drastic step. While emergency dentists are a little hard to find, 911 is the best option that one can go for..

  • Will the dentist see the child in case of emergency?

While one shouldn’t expect to count on seeing the dentist immediately when their child is in need of dental care, a majority of dentists can set a schedule for such circumstances. It’s recommended to reach out to a local dentist right after making a 911 call.

Dental Care is Important

For further details on dentist emergency care, visit a child-friendly emergency dentist markham in the area to know about the procedure.