How Cosmetic Gum Treatments Can Enhance Your Smile

It takes more to have a perfect smile than having straight, white teeth. Your gums also play a large role in your appearance and self-confidence. If you have uneven, receding or over-large gums, no amount of work on your teeth can give you the beautiful smile you want. You may think your gums are your gums and they can’t be changed. If so, it’s time you learn about the smile enhancements dentists offer to improve the appearance of your gums.

For Gummy Smiles

Does it seem to you that you have too much gum tissue covering up much of your front teeth? Do your teeth seem short because your gums are encroaching too much on them? If so, you’ll be happy to know that dentists offer cosmetic gum treatments to remove some of the gum tissue. Called gum lifts, these procedures can eliminate the effect of a gummy smile.

For Crooked Smiles

Uneven gums can cause you to have a crooked smile no matter how straight your teeth are. Some teeth may look longer than others because less of them is being covered up by gums. In this case, your dentist can do a gum lift, too, focusing on reshaping your gums for a smoother and evener gumline. When the procedure is finished, your teeth will appear straighter and evener, too!

For Toothy Smiles

If your gums have receded due to gum disease or simply age, the effect can be a toothy smile. Toothy smiles can also be caused by grinding or clenching your teeth, brushing too vigorously or your genetic makeup. Your teeth can appear to be very long, because more of them is visible above the gumline. Not to worry! Your dentist has a fix for this. We can do a gum graft using soft tissue from the roof of your mouth or another source to fill in your gums for a more natural gumline and a more attractive smile.

For Dented Smiles

If you have lost any teeth, you may know precisely what we mean by a “dented smile.” Above the spot where the tooth came out, the gums can look dented-in and distorted. And even if you have an implant put in to replace that tooth, the dent still remains. For this problem, your dentist can perform a tooth ridge augmentation to support your gum tissue and make it appear smooth and natural. The result? Another smile saved!

Talk to Your Markham Dentist About Your Options for Cosmetic Gum Treatments

No matter what gum problems are marring your gorgeous smile, your dentist can help you overcome them with cosmetic gum treatments. Make an appointment to sit down with your dentist for a consultation. You can discuss whatever is bothering you about your gums and how they affect your smile. Your dentist can do an examination and take x-rays if needed to determine what can be done to correct the problem. With the right gum treatment, you can have a flawless gumline and a big, bright, beautiful smile!