How Dental Implants Can Improve Denture Function

It may sound contradictory to discuss dental implants and dentures. For many, they seem to be mutually exclusive. However, it turns out that Markham dental implants may help to improve the function of dentures. Dentures can be attached to implants to better secure them so they do not slip. This stabilizes dentures and the prevention of movement reduces the risk and occurrence of sore spots. In addition to these benefits, more secure dentures can help improve chewing function.

Why Aren’t Traditional Dentures Enough?

Traditionally, dentures help significantly to improve mouth function. But most people who have worn dentures will tell you that even though overall function is improved, they are not perfect. Dentures can make it difficult to eat some foods.

What are Implants?

When a tooth or teeth are missing, an implant provides a permanent replacement solution. A small titanium post is surgically inserted in the jawbone. This post will become like the root portion of a tooth. Once the post is set a dental crown will be attached so it has the look and feel of a natural tooth. An implant can serve as an anchor for dentures improving their overall function.

How do Implants Improve the Function of Dentures?

For those who wear dentures, it is common for two to four implants to be placed along the lower jaw, or mandible. Traditionally, upper dentures are held in place by a suction that holds them against the palate and lower dentures are held in place by the lips and cheeks. This is what makes them less stable. But dentures used along with implants are snapped onto the attachments and this offers much steadier speaking and chewing. Over time, the implant also provides stimulation to the jawbone it is attached to. This helps the bone maintain a healthy density. When teeth are missing, the bone tends to lose density over time. The dental implant will provide the necessary stimulation to help keep the bone strong and healthy.

What should I expect during the implant process?

It will take several appointments to complete the dental implant process. Dentists at Markham will take these steps:

Step 1 – You’ll have an initial appointment where the dentist will offer you a consultation, take x-rays, evaluate the health of the jawbone and schedule the surgery.

Step 2 – At a second appointment, the dentist will place the implants, or the titanium posts. It will take between 3 to 6 months for them to heal properly.

Step 3 – The third appointment will be for making impressions for your dental attachments. This step is necessary so the dentures will snap to the implant and be placed properly.

Step 4 – The final appointment, the dentist will attach the dentures to the implants and make sure they are in place.

Most people find they have a lot more freedom and confidence with Markham dental implants used in conjunction with dentures over just traditional dentures. Their teeth are much more stable and secure which means less movement of the teeth when eating or talking.