What to Care About While Going for Crowns for Your Front Teeth in Markham

Did your dentist mention that you need crowns for your front teeth? For many, this recommendation may seem worrisome, but there is not anything to worry about. It’s a relatively simple procedure completed by a restorative, general or cosmetic dentist in Markham. It typically takes two visits to complete a dental crown as one visit is used to create an impression of the tooth or teeth receiving the crowns and a second visit is required for placing the crowns on the teeth. Here are a few things you, as the patient, should be thinking about.

Reasons You Need Crowns for Your Front Teeth

There can be many different reasons why you need crowns in dentistry in Markham.In most instances, crowns for front teeth Markham are only used for restorative purposes. However, there are times when they are used for a cosmetic reason. The most common reasons crowns are placed on front teeth include:

  • A tooth is severely damaged
  • The tooth has extensive decay
  • The tooth is broken
  • A tooth has already undergone root canal treatment
  • The biting edge of the tooth is damaged or nonexistent

Will a crown on a front tooth look okay?

A dental crown is a restorative measure and designed to cover the whole tooth. Before many of the more modern advancements, crowns were made from porcelain fused with metal. This made them more durable. But today, thanks to many of the advancements dentistry has made, crowns can be made from porcelain and remain strong. This gives it a more natural look. Earlier crowns could look unnatural and could develop a dark line along the gumline after some time. Today’s crowns will look so natural, most people will never even notice you have them on your front teeth.

Taking Care of Crowns for Front Teeth

Taking care of crowns is not much different than the care you give the other teeth. You will still need to brush and floss daily and keep your routine visits wherever you got the crowns in the dentistry clinic in Markham. There are a few actions you can take to help protect the crowns once the dentist has completed them. If you have porcelain crowns on your front teeth, be careful to not damage it. Here are a few things to refrain from to keep the crowns in good condition:

  • Don’t chew on ice
  • Refrain from biting on pens and pencils
  • Do not eat hard candies or bite other hard objects
  • Quit chewing your fingernails

It’s also important to avoid beverages and foods that tend to discolor teeth. Soda, coffee, red wine and teas can stain your teeth. Porcelain is very resistant to stains and it’s not likely the teeth with the crowns will become stained. However, the natural teeth that are adjacent to the crown can become stained and make the crowned teeth stand out and look awkward.

For the most part, crowns are going to improve your smile and keep your teeth looking natural and healthy.