5 Reasons to Keep Checkup Appointments for Braces in Markham

Are you considering braces to improve your smile? Whether your family dentist does orthodontic work or refers it to an orthodontist, it pays to keep all your checkup appointments before, during and after you wear braces to straighten your smile. Here are 5 reasons to always go in for your routine dental exams and cleanings if you opt for braces in Markham ON.

Need to Develop Track Record of Consistently Taking Good Care of Teeth

Most dentists and orthodontists want to see indications that you can take good care of your teeth between dental visits. This is extremely important with braces, because it is even more challenging to keep your teeth clean and avoid injuries when you are wearing them. Many dentists and orthodontists will not provide orthodontic services if you chronically neglect your teeth. So, your track record of maintaining them well can determine whether you get them at all.

The Healthier Teeth and Gums are, More Likely to Benefit from Braces

The purpose of wearing braces is to make them straighter. If they are very uneven or crowded, this can translate into functional improvements as well as smile enhancement. Yet, if you neglect getting needed dental work, you will have to play catch-up before the braces are fitted to your teeth. The best way to ensure your teeth are ready for getting braces in Markham is to go to routine checkups so your dentist can find any problems that exist and treat them as needed.

Dentist Can Assess Need for Braces After Seeing Patient Regularly

Before starting you on the road to getting braces, your dentist will assess whether you need them and how they can help you improve your smile. Getting a one-time snapshot of the condition of your teeth is not as helpful for the dentist as seeing the changes in your smile over a longer period of time. This is an important point if your child is thinking of getting braces. While the teeth may appear fine at one point, they may become crowded or less straight as more teeth come in.

Develop Trust and Strong Patient-Dentist Relationship

Because you will be seeing a lot of your dentist during the time you wear braces, it’s always better to start with a sense of trust between you and a strong patient-dentist relationship. When you know you can rely on your dentist to take excellent care of your teeth, the straightening process becomes less of a challenge and more of a manageable goal to achieve.

Show Commitment to Improve Smile

If you want to wear braces to straighten your teeth, you have a long road ahead of you before the braces come off. Once the braces are on your teeth, there is very little room or tolerance from your dentist for going back. Your dentist wants to know that you are committed to keeping your teeth clean and healthy and improving your smile whenever possible. One way to show this is to make every checkup appointment, always showing up with well-maintained teeth.

When your dentist knows you are serious enough about improving your smile to do your part on a consistent basis, the decision to recommend braces becomes an easy one for your dentist. They can do the work or refer you to a colleague with full confidence of a positive outcome. And you can have the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!